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solekoru Jewellery

Handmade jewellery telling stories of the northern past and mythology

Käsintehtyjä koruja jotka kertovat tarinoita pohjoisen menneisyydestä ja mytologiasta

Handmade in Finland, this jewellery collection reflects a deep connection to Nordic symbolism. It’s carefully crafted from natural materials like clay, copper, gemstones, and glass. The pieces have a rustic, artisanal charm and an antique look that enhances their appeal. I make most of these items in small quantities, with some being one-of-a-kind pieces. Each piece is genuinely unique because I create most parts from scratch, using materials such as clay or copper.

Inspired by the Northern past and mythology, my designs feature motifs from Stone Age rock paintings, indigenous Finnish artifacts, and mythical creatures like bears and ravens. Ancient runic inscriptions, especially those about love, play a significant role in shaping the stories behind my creations. Learn more about the creative process and the artist behind these unique pieces by exploring the provided link.

You can purchase the jewellery on my Etsy shop or by contacting me here or on social media.


On the blog, discover the intricate process of crafting my jewellery. Articles delve into specific creations, like a Viking apron dress jewellery set, giving readers a peek into the craftsmanship involved. Additionally, the blog recounts my visits to ancient sites, such as the Old Uppsala Iron Age mounds, providing insight into the historical backdrop that fuels my artistic pursuits.

Other posts explore diverse sources of inspiration, from old runic inscriptions and the Scandinavian Bronze Age sun cult to Finnish bear worship and various archaeological topics. All these informative posts are available in both English and Finnish, offering a comprehensive understanding of the varied influences shaping my unique jewellery creations.

Jewellery set for a Viking apron dress

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