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From Past to Present: Crafting Unique Symbolic Jewellery

I am a self-taught jewellery maker and designer with a background in archaeology. My passion for the past and ancient artefacts, combined with a lifelong love for drawing and crafting, led me to craft unique symbolic jewellery in 2010.

stone age symbolic ceramic jewellery and Carnac stones

My primary wellspring of inspiration arises from Finnish and Northern European history, prehistory, and mythology. However, sometimes sparks of creativity also come from the realms of music and nature.

Explore more about these diverse sources of inspiration on the blog.

Ceramic stone age bear necklaces

In my creative process, I design and craft symbolic jewellery using organic and natural materials. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, handmade from scratch. These pieces narrate stories of the past, offering glimpses into our roots and ancestral heritage. They are exploring the essence of who we are and where we come from.

Ceramic mythical animal necklaces

The motifs and runic inscriptions adorning my jewellery are drawn from authentic European archaeological finds. While I initially worked more with silver and copper, my recent focus has been on crafting ceramic jewellery.

In the picture you can see my ceramic mythical animal necklaces.

Runic inscription necklaces

Outside the realm of jewellery making, I find solace in exploring nature, wandering through ancient environments and cemeteries, and capturing moments through photography. I also enjoy playing with pictures like combining photos and editing them. When I have the opportunity, I also find pleasure in slowly travelling further away on land or sea, often accompanied by a good book and music.