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Register and privacy policy statement

The conclusion about gathering personal data: Solekoru sells handmade jewellery at a webshop hosted by

The data gathered at the site are used only to send the newsletter. The subscriber receives information about new products and their backgrounds, information about giveaways and sales. Personal data are never handed over to any third part. Marketing messages are received only by those who have subscribed to the newsletter. The subscription can be canceled easily by clicking the link at the end of every newsletter from

Register and privacy policy statement

The register statement is compatible to the Personal data act (523/1999) 10§ and 24§.

When a person signs up for the Solekoru newsletter s/he gives solekoru the permission to use her or his email address. The responsible of the use of the address is Tiina Soleva who promises to use the email address only for sending the newsletter.

Privacy policy and data protection

The customer data of Solekoru are confidential and not handed over to third parties in any circumstances.

No bank transfer data or credit card data are stored at Solekoru site.

The administrator of the register

Solekoru Tmi (business id: 2364919-5)

Tiina Soleva

Email: tiina(at)

Name of the register

Solekoru email register, subscribers of the newsletter

The purpose of gathering the personal data

The primary reason for gathering the data is a customership between Solekoru Tmi and a customer, a customer’s consent, a customer’s order or other appropriate reason.

The personal data can be processed in the context of customer relationship, customer service and related communication, marketing, development and follow-up.

The personal data, privacy policy, data protection legislation and a appropriate manner of data handling is followed by Solekoru while processing the personal data of the customers.

The purpose of the register

The purpose of the register is sending out the Solekoru newsletter. In addition to the beneficial information the newsletter contains also marketing material. The register can be used also for customer surveys, development and statistics. Personal data are processed within the limits of the personal data legislation. Register data are not handed over to any third parties in any circumstances. Registering the data of a person or a company is due to the registering obligation based on law.

The information included in the register

The customer register includes the following data:


Email address

The sources of the information

The registered her/himself

Handing over the information

The information is not released outside of Solekoru Tmi. The information is not handed over outside the European Economic Area.

Storing the data

The data is stored only as long as appropriate and no personal data is stored longer than necessary or after the unsubscribing from the newsletter. The customers may also request the deleting of their data.

The protection of the register

The register will not be released to anyone outside. The register can be handled only by the ones who have the administration rights within Solekoru Tmi. The register is located on the server protected by a password.

Manual data: Doesn’t exist

Digital data: Only the ones who need the data in their work tasks have the access to the digital register. The users are recognized by a user name and a password.

Right to check the information

The registered has a right to check her or his data saved in the register. Requests can be directed to Tiina Soleva,

Right to require the correction of the data

Solekoru Tmi will correct, delete or fill in the incorrect, innecessary, inadequate or outdated data unprompted or by the request of the registered customer. The customer can make the request by emailing the request to: